Custom made automobilhussen (car covers) to satisfied any kind of need and making your car just even more amazing.

Lieber Kunde, wir beraten Sie gerne persönlich.

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Our passion and our referees !

Referring to one of our best customers leasing slogan „The best or nothing“ we strive after two ideal conditions: high end quality and perfection.

For succeeding our aims and fulfilling these expectations there are no expenses too high. We took a long way and put lots of efforts in developing one of the markets best fabrics, steadily tested and improved with our knitting company.

The result:

A six-levels elastic knitted cotton composition of an extraordinary quality.

Even more, you can add a shiny yarn on your custom-made cover for a more individual and exclusive appealing look. Exclusive at the outside and especially soft on the interior reverse side. Made by an extra process on our manufacturers side, by brushing the lowest material-level.

Focusing on offering the perfect shape, add the perfect sitting and hand-tailored mirror-pockets and set your own piping-lines in contrasting colors to perfect the cars dropping- and body-line and emphasise the extraordinary shape of your beloved vehicle.

To achieve our aim of perfectly covering cars and vehicles of a high material and immaterial value our Custom-Made-Covers are hand- and custom-made, manufactured near the Lake of Constance, in our family-owned company.

You can select the color of your choice within: white, maze, sunflower yellow, orange, red, bordeaux, dark wine ( aubergine ), purple, mushroom, marron brown, sage, lemongreen, jade, british-racing-green, sky blue, royal blue, sapphire, navy blue, black and fabric with shiny yarn in black, anthracite, british-racing-green,navy blue, champagne and silver.

It is a matter of fact, that the cotton content in our fabric is that high, so we do not need any chemical additives, mostly causes stripes and damages on your vehicles surface. At the end, all of our Custom-Made-Covers are easily washable, at home.

Order a special finish:

Ask for stitching logos, family crests, type designations or initials on your Custom-Made-Cover for being sure, having the most individual and perfectly matching feature added onto your favourite and most special car.

Our Custom-Made-Covers are all being delivered with an elegant and exclusive black valise.

Craftsmanship needs its time

Please notice, that craftsmanship needs its time. Add 3-4 weeks manufacturing-time on getting your personal gift for you or anyone else on one of the most impressive machines ever built.

An Automobile. Yours.



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